Terms of Use

Terms of Use – The legal stuff

Please read this terms and conditions carefully. Gradilista.com reserves the right to change terms and conditions at any time and without prior notification.

Gradilista.com is a brand in a front of company “Security Projekti”. Empowered with unique rights for Croatian territory webcams by “WhatsUp Cams”. And on those webcams we have set up special rules and copyrights.
An exception to these rules are “WhatsUp Cams”(whatsupcams.com).

  1. Ownership
    You can not claim that you are in any way the owner of our products whether they were modified or not. All products or webcams material installed on territory of Croatia are property  “Security Projekti”. Usage of any code, images, or icons for any purpose without writen permission product is strictly prohibited.
  2. Unauthorized use
    You can’t copy any of our products, either modified or unmodified, on CDs, flash memories etc. You can’t distribute our products anyway without written permission.
  3. The Legal way
    To use our images from webcam or streaming or anything else you need written permission.
    Exceptions are webcams portals for promotions, where we are add our products. They are allowed to use our images from webcams with credits which is backlink to  https://gradilista.com/.

This Terms of Use can be modified by the “Security Projekti” staff without proir notice.

Thank you for your support,
The “Security Projekti” Team